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The John Deere 8440 tractor is part of the range of tractors that includes the John Deere 8640 tractor. The JD 8440 has a 6 cylinder diesel engine. This engine has been designed and manufactured by the JD team and is turbocharged. The engine is very large and has a displacement of 7.6 liters. The liquid cooling system requires 37.9 liters of water to fill it completely. Engine power is directed to all 4 wheels through a gearbox that gives the tractor a total of 16 speeds when forwarding and 6 when reversing.

The John Deere 8440 Tractor was built specifically as a tow machine. Therefore, the chassis is an articulated 4X4 with all-wheel drive. The engine powers the JD 8440 hydraulic system. This hydraulic system is closed and has a capacity of up to 132.5 liters (35 US gallons) of hydraulic fluid. Transmission valve flow rate is 124.9 liters per minute (33 US gallons per minute). The hydraulic system gives the rear hitch a maximum lift capacity of 3,876 kg (8,545 lbs). The rear hitch is a category 3 model.

The total weight of the John Deere 8440 comes to 9797 kg (21,600 lbs), which is much heavier than almost any utility tractor, but for a tow tractor, it is quite reasonable. All four tires on the tractor are exactly the same size. Each of them measures 18.4-34 (18.4 inches wide, 34 inches in rim diameter). Double wheels can be added to give the machine extra grip when working with very heavy loads. The JD 8440’s wheelbase is huge, measuring 3.17 m (125 inches). This tractor comes with a standard cab, which means it is suitable for virtually any condition. Do not forget to leave your opinion if you have used this tractor.

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John Deere 8440: power 215 km (160.3 kw), diesel, 6 cylinders, bore x stroke: 116 x 121, liquid-cooled engine, turbocharging, 1000 rpm PTO, powershift, 16 forward gears, 6 reverse gears.

Our take on the John Deere 8440

very powerful engine, diesel engine, more cylinders is the highest working culture, perfectly matched RPM engine operation, turbo engine, powered by 12V starter, 6V, charging alternator, rather typical lighting, more PTO, none BAS , disc, wet, very heavy tractor, great on rough terrain, big and long, 4WD, with dynamic distribution of power between the axles, hydrostatic control, lack of timing gears, power shift, advanced transmission, electro-hydraulic controls in the Plus, it has two clutches, gear shifting under load, a large number of forward gears, classic number of reverse gears

John Deere produced its Model 8440 Farm Tractor from 1979 to 1982 in the United States with a standard cab.
Speaking of dimensions and weight, this model weighs in at 26,590 pounds or 12,061 kg at 223.5 inches [567 cm] in length and 126.6 inches [321 cm] in height, while maintaining a 125-inch [317 cm] wheelbase. cm] and a ground clearance of 19.4 inches [49 cm] the front tread is approximately 63 to 130 inches, while the rear tread is 63 to 130 inches.

This tractor can fit 18.4-34 front and 18.4-34 rear agricultural tires.

This John Deere 8440 is powerd by a diesel engine has 466 ci or 7.6 L 6 cylinders, it can produce 215 hp or 160.3 kW at 2100 (rpm), the fuel tank capacity is 156 gal or 590.5 L .
This machine has 4×4 articulated 4WD drive system, 16 forward and 6 reverse John Deere Quad-Range drive system.

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John Deere 8440 Reviews

They are good tractors if they have been well maintained. Ours has 6200 hours. Ours was upgraded to a 50 series engine when we bought it 5 years ago. My uncle has 8,500 hours in his has had his for 30 years. You need to make sure that it shifts smoothly and that the 2 speed works well. Also check the U-joints on the pivot. only other problems we had was the hydraulic pump. You don’t want one that ever had a dozer blade on it! Trans fired if he did. Many of them here in Wis have been put into silage piles and that just destroys them.

Problems with our 8440? Last year I had hydraulic problems and found the crankcase screens clogged with parts from the clutch disc. They told me it was just the PTO clutch. I cleaned those and chiselled the ground last fall with no problems. Working this spring now, dad was running and said he sometimes he felt like he didn’t want to switch between C1-C2? This only happened a few times and all the other ranges seemed fine? Maybe coincidence too, but on hitting the road last night and switching it said it was “stuck” between D2-D3, I’m guessing it’s only due to 40 year old link / cable etc causing that changes well now? Thinking….

I realized that a lot of people didn’t like him. We had a couple of them over the years, didn’t put many hours into it because it pulls on the air drill and tillage tools, but never had a problem with any of them. some things were done to this one, the engine and the four-trans range. They are a low power so as not to weigh and size, we returned to gasoline in them. one thing, if you are running the hydraulic fans make sure you have enough output, ares will return a little on the air piercing fan as you rotate and lift the markers and the air drill off the ground, using the controls inside of reason. if you need more power go a differnet tractor. as a comment said stay away from those with the blades, neighbor found out the hard way.

My 8440 has a rebuilt engine with 1200 hours. The largest load I have is a Landoll soil master II 11-leg grating chisel. I use 4 inch turns and pull it as deep as possible and go 4.5 to 7 mph with it depending on the type of ground. I would not be afraid to try to pull what you are proposing. If it’s close, they might let you try it before you buy … Doing field work I’ve used up to 11 gallons per hour. Planting only use 4. If you are planning only 8 gallons per hour with 2 tractors that cannot be taxed that hard.

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